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Accounting Services can verify the payment of a check, the address to which the check was mailed, and whether a check has been cashed.

Uncashed Checks

Uncashed Checks:  If a check is uncashed and a new check needs to be issued, a Request for Stop Payment form, available at Accounting Services, must be signed by the payee to place a stop payment on the original check.  The new check will be issued within 2-3 days after receiving the signed form.  Payees have the option of receiving the new check by mail or picking it up from Accounts Payable in Thalman Hall.  To request a stop payment on an uncashed check, please contact Jennifer Nadeau at 618-536-2628.

Cashed Checks

Cashed Checks:  In the event you need any information related to a cashed check, including a copy of the check, please call Jennifer Nadeau at 618-536-2628.