Travel Reimbursement Through AIS

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This document is intended as an overview to assist the end user in easily identifying the basic steps in processing Travel Expense Vouchers. For more detailed information, the end user should also consult the University and State Regulations and Travel Regulations.

Responsible Party Action


Completes Travel Expense Voucher and attaches all required receipts and documentation.

Administrative Channels

Approves Travel Expense Voucher.


Maintains copy of Travel Expense Voucher and copies of all receipts and documentation for Departmental records. Submits the form to Accounts Payable, Mail Code 6818.

Accounts Payable Travel Section

Reviews Travel Expense Voucher for completeness and compliance with University Policies and State Regulations.

Accounts Payable Voucher Section

Enters Travel Expense Voucher into AIS.

Accounts Payable Check Distribution Section

Runs payment batch and distributes checks accordingly.

Note: If individual is requesting reimbursement for Entertainment Expense, a completed Entertainment Expense Form is required and must be forwarded with an Invoice Distribution Form and documentation to Accounts Payable. A copy of the completed Entertainment Expense Form, receipts and proof of payment must be attached to the completed Travel Expense Voucher. In order to comply with the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) regulations, you must notify Accounts Payable if you receive a payment from the University via direct deposit at a US financial institution and forward the entire amount to a financial institution in a foreign country.