Check Distribution

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Accounts Payable distributes checks for the University.

There are certain situations whereby Accounts Payable is authorized to distribute checks to a person other than the named payee on the check. Please refer to the following examples:

  • Payments to performers (for example: bands, entertainers, honorariums, lecturers, etc.) when the check must be presented on the day of the performance may be released to a department representative.

  • Payments of an award in which the check is presented to the recipient as an integral part of the award ceremony may be released to a department representative.

  • Payments to sporting officials and guarantees to an athletic team may be released to an Intercollegiate Athletics representative.

  • Payments requested by an authorized representative of Legal Counsel and/or The Office of University Risk Management for grievance settlements, lawsuit settlements, filing fees, payment to witnesses, etc. may be released to only those two departments.

  • Payments made payable to the U.S. Postmaster may be released to Campus Mail Service.

  • Payments made payable to a local bank covering transfer of funds, certain payments for the Internal Revenue Service, and Unclaimed Property checks may be released to an Accounting Services office representative.

  • Payments for Wage Garnishments of Tax Levies, Old National Bank-Federal Taxes Withheld and Illinois Department of Revenue may be released to a Payroll Office representative.

  • BRS refund checks may be released to the Bursar’s Office.

  • Agency account checks may be released to the Alumni.

  • Payments may be released to an authorized person by the Supplier with picture identification and a Memo on letterhead from the business, or a business card showing picture identification.

  • Payment for a Supplier may be released to a department representative in the event that a product or service must be paid upon delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact Accounts Payable at 536-2351.