Wire Transfer

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The University may make Wire Transfers when a University check will not be accepted. In most, but not all cases, the Wire Transfer will be going to a foreign country. The procedures below should be followed when requesting a Wire Transfer on behalf of the University: PLEASE NOTE: WIRE TRANSFERS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF A UNIVERSITY CHECK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE TO THE VENDOR.

Choosing the Correct Form 

  • Departments requesting payment by Wire Transfer must complete on-line version of the AIS Invoice Distribution Form. If the payment is to a Foreign Vendor, a Non-Resident, or on the behalf of a Non-Resident, a Contractual Service Voucher must be completed in place of the Invoice Distribution Form.

Completing the Form

  • The Invoice Distribution Form or Contractual Service Voucher should be made payable to the beneficiary of the Wire Transfer. Departments should note in large or highlighted print “WIRE TRANSFER” on the voucher.
  • The voucher should also include the appropriate receiving bank information as outlined below:
  • Wire Transfers to Foreign Countries:
    • Bank Name
    • SWIFT Code / BIC Code
    • Account Number or IBAN (if required)
    • Account Beneficiary
  • Wire Transfers within the United States 
    • Bank Name
    • ABA/Routing Number
    • Account Number
    • Account Beneficiary
  • As with any other payment, the appropriate “back up” information, such as an invoice, must be submitted with the voucher.