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This table details the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Contact Information





Cox, Charlie (Director) Director of Accounting Services 618-536-2625

Buenker, Julia (Accounts Payable) Employee Travel Reimbursements, Employee Travel Advances 618-536-2645
Vacant (Accounting and Procurement Services) Administrative Support for Accounting and Procurement Services, Vendor File Maintenance 618-536-2351
Cralley, Stephanie (Financial Accounting) Financial Reporting, Other Auxiliary Reporting, Journal Entry Review and Preparation, Answer Fiscal Officer/Delegate Questions 618-536-2620
Cook, Julie (Accounts Payable) AIS Check Processing & Distribution, Stiles Copier Contract Payments, Vendor Escrow Clearing 618-453-1312
Kerley, Brian (Financial Accounting) P-Card & Other Corrections, Retailers Occupation Tax, Hotel Operators Tax, Answer Fiscal Officer/Delegate Questions 618-536-2623
Account Maintenance 618-536-2616
Nadeau, Jennifer (Financial Accounting) Stop Payments on Checks, Check Rewrites, Bank Reconciliation 618-536-2628
Nagel, Vivian (Accounts Payable) Planned & Standard Purchase Order Payments, Direct Voucher Payments 618-453-1313
Porter, Julie (Financial Accounting) Record Bank Activity - Wire Transfers, Answer Fiscal Officer/Delegate Questions 618-536-2634
Stoffel, Bonnie (Financial
Account Maintenance, Bank Reconciliation, and Employee Travel 618-536-2653
Vandoren, Richard (Accounts Payable) Direct Voucher Payments, Planned & Standard Purchase Order Payments 618-453-1304
Wolaver, Rae (Financial Accounting) Journal Entry Review & Preparation, State Appropriations, Income Fund Reporting, Answer Fiscal Officer/Delegate Questions 618-536-2611
Wright, Jeff (Financial
Accounting-Area Manager
Financial Reporting, Administrative Information System General Ledger 618-536-2612