AIS Training

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The AIS Department has developed online training courses, which can be found here, and were designed to help you access AIS. This training information is self-directed and categorized for the user's needs. Please take the time to go through each unit that applies to your area of responsibility. If you don't feel comfortable working with AIS after you've completed the courses, email to request further training tailored to your specific needs.

Fiscal Officer / Delegate Inquiry & Reporting Guide

The Fiscal Officer / Delegate Inquiry & Reporting Guide was created as a training document for new fiscal officers and delegates. Through this course, staff should learn query and reporting methods integral to AIS core financial modules. This guide covers the following areas:

  • AIS Overview
  • Navigation Overview
  • Supplier Inquiry
  • Supplier Inquiry Scenarios
  • Invoice Overview
  • Invoice Inquiry
  • Account Inquiry
  • Funds Inquiry
  • Introduction to GL Reports
  • Oracle Standard GL FO Reports
  • SIU Custom GL FO Reports