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The Financial Accounting section of Accounting Services is responsible for correcting P-Card transaction errors.  To process these corrections please follow the link below to access the P-Card Correction form. Once the P-Card Correction form has been completed, obtain the signature of the fiscal officer or temporary delegate, and forward it to Accounting Services, Mail Code 6812. For further assistance with P-Card corrections you may contact Brian Kerley at 618-536-2623.

Click here to access the P-Card Correction Form

Grant Accounts

If the transaction involves a grant account, contact your Grant & Contract Accountant for assistance.  You can find a listing of grant accounts with assignees at this link (Post-Award Accounting and Reporting).

Note: Other P-Card related questions should be directed to Procurement Services.

Other Incorrect Charges to Your Account

If an incorrect charge appears on your account, refer to the table below for the appropriate department's contact information.

The list of incorrect transactions and options for contact to remedy them.

Type of Transaction Responsible Department Contact Number
Invoice Distribution Form (IDF) Accounts Payable 618-536-2351
Transfer Voucher Financial Accounting 618-536-2351
Payroll Charges Payroll Office 618-453-3391
Encumbrances Procurement Services 618-453-5751
Billing Charges Originating Billing Department Various

Collection Report Corrections

Collection reports are entered by the Bursar's Office. To make deposit corrections complete the Bursar Deposit Change form, which can be found at the following link (Bursar Deposit Change Form). For further assistance related to collection reports contact the Bursar's Office at 618-453-2221 and ask for the Cashiering Section.