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User Access To AIS

To obtain access to AIS, you must complete the AIS User Form. Changing or revoking an existing user’s access to AIS can also be done with this form. Detailed instructions have been created to help you complete the form, and a table describing the different responsibilities is listed at the bottom of this page. If you are going to be acting as a Fiscal Officer Delegate, you must also complete the Delegation of Fiscal Officer Authority Form, which can also be found below. Here are links to both the form and instructions. 

AIS User Form

Detailed Instruction for AIS User Form

AIS User Account Responsibilities

When requesting new user access or making changes to an existing user please refer to the information below to help you decide which responsibility is right for your needs.

This table details the "AIS User Account Information.

Account Responsibilities
Responsibility Description
Fiscal Officer or Delegate For Fiscal Officers and Delegates only. Performs General Ledger Inquiries. Submits requests for General Ledger Fiscal Officer Reports. Contains access to payables where restricted inquiry on invoices and payments are obtained.
General Ledger-Unit Inquiry Only Performs General Ledger Inquiries. Submits requests for General Ledger Fiscal Officer Reports. This access is for those who are not Delegates or Fiscal Officers.
Fixed Assets Managerial Inquiry Run inventory reports and look up equipment.
Prepare Purchase Requisitions Enters on-line purchase requisitions for a specific department.
Department Receiver Enters receipt of merchandise/services shipped/delivered directly to the department by the vendor.
Department Buyer Enters scheduled releases against planned purchase orders. (Only for Blanket & Scheduled Releases.)
Internal Billing Technician Prepares SIU Internal Billing Form in Production. Also, has an Inquiry and Reporting capability.
SIU HRMS FO Entry Bi-Weekly time entry for designated time keepers.
SIUC HRMS Academic Data Specialist Academic Affairs staff to view employees & maintain tenure special information.
SIUC HRMS Department View View of assignments, assignment costing, phone and addresses.
SIUC HRMS Grad Data Spec Graduate School-update and maintain graduate assistant information.
SIUC HRMS Internal Audit View Only Internal Auditor’s Access.
SIUC HRMS NRA Spec View of people and assignments. Maintains Non Resident Alien special information.
SIUC HRMS PSO View Only View of Plant & Service Operations staff only-(People, assignments and paid time off.

Delegation Of Fiscal Officer Authority

This form is used to authorize or revoke Fiscal Officer delegation for a budget purpose. This does not grant authority to sign for a Fiscal Officer on anything other than the fiscal operation of a particular budget purpose. To help assist you we have included links to the Delegation of Fiscal Officer Authority Form and Detailed Instructions for Delegation of Fiscal Officer Authority Form.