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Accessing Fiscal Officer Reports

You must have an AIS user ID and password as well as AIS Unit responsibilities to access on line fiscal officer reports.  It is not necessary to attend AIS training to obtain a password, but training is available on the AIS training page.

Fiscal officer reports are only available online during the month following the end of the period. For example, July's reports are available only during the month of August; the August reports are available only during the month of September. For older reports, please call 536-2351.

The fiscal officer reports for the recently closed month are usually available by the fourth business day of the next month. An e-mail will be sent to all fiscal officers and delegates as soon as the reports are ready each month.

The Financial Review Checklist is available to assist departments with documenting their monthly review of financial records.  Departments may be asked by auditors to provide evidence of their review of financial information.  Please ensure that you maintain sufficient evidence of your review.  If documentation cannot be provided to the auditors, it may appear that a review has not been completed.

Detailed descriptions of all Fiscal Officer Reports can be found below:

If you need assistance running one or more of the Fiscal Officer Reports please refer to the following document (How to run Fiscal Officer Reports).